May 21, 2008

Comments on Comments

I have a simple site meter on my blog where I can see the number of unique individuals that come to my blog. With a steadily increasing number and many readers, I am afraid the fact that I moderate comments has become a deterrent to actively participating. For this reason, I am removing the moderation of comments.
I had initially chose to moderate the comments, because I've witnessed the onslaught of belittling and bigoted comments coming uniformly across all-belief systems. This I wanted to avoid. However, if such comments (comments without thought, aimed solely to demean other belief systems and not to discuss them) do appear, I will just delete them manually. I hope to have more of your thoughts, you hundreds that read this blog. I have heard it expressed through confidential emails that some of the topics are esoteric or beyond the expertise of the reader. I hope this invitation lets you feel like you can comment, regardless.
May we make this a thinkers' accord,


Mikha'el said...

Oh, and by the way, the next post may take a little longer. Usually I write my posts on the weekends when I have time, but this weekend I will be on a brief vacation without a computer. Please stay tuned!

Greg said...

Just curious: How many visitors are you getting these days? Keep up the good work.

Mikha'el said...

As for people who come back multiple times, a readership, I have at present in the low hundreds.
But day to day fluctuations are great.
Thank you for the encouragement. I am glad you like it.